It’s something I think most of us have heard our mothers or grandmothers tell us since we were children getting ready to head off to school.  And while our eating habits or patterns may not have us hungry enough for a big breakfast every morning, having a little nosh on the morning of your wedding can give you the energy and nutrition to get you through your Big Day.

With the excitement and emotion, anxiety and joy that comes with tying the knot, finding a few moments for a little brunch can go a long way.  Between morning hair and make up sessions, visits from family or friends, getting into your gown, traveling to your venue and pre-wedding photos, there is a lot going on!  By the time you sit down to eat your wedding meal, it could be well into the evening.  Without the growling in your stomach or worrying about how many hours it will be until your dinner, you will be more able to enjoy all of the wonderful experiences that come with being a bride.  Having a little food in your system will help keep your blood sugar from dropping throughout the day, which can prevent fatigue, irritability, or worst of all, fainting!  And after all the time you’ve spent planning for this day, you deserve to enjoy every last second of your wedding day.