If you haven’t stopped by our sister site, The Good Beginning lately, we’d love to invite you to take a peek. As many of you know it’s a place where you can register for donations to your favorite charitable organization as well as find great inspiration if you’re trying to plan a conscious wedding. Recently we shared a post on how to create a mismatched bridesmaid’s look and to go along with that, we’ve actually found who we believe to be one of the best designers out there for said look:  Reformation, a boutique and fashion designer based in Los Angeles who is all about making beautiful and conscious gowns and more. At Reformation, fashion and sustainability coexist. And they have the most beautiful options for bridesmaids, both mismatched and matching. Here’s our picks and keep scrolling to read more about how Reformation is leading and inspiring a sustainable way to be fashionable.


Mismatched blush and nude dresses are clean, fresh and beautiful. They’re elegant, feminine and can create the perfect balance of formality and romance. Here are a just a few of our picks:



You want formality all the way and know every girl looks great in black. Reformation has you covered:



Bored with the same ole bridesmaids look? Consider a fun, flirty print to compliment the look and feel of your day. I love any of these textiles and patterns, whether mixed together or perfectly matched.

spring printprints


You want an evening affair, but you are just someone who needs a bit of color. Let your bridesmaids show a bit of personality with red, greens or blue tones. I’m so into this combination right now.

Lastly, just in case the beauty of their gowns aren’t enough to sell you, Reformation designs and manufactures garments in their sustainable sewing factory as well as sources sustainable fabrics and vintage garments. By incorporating sustainable practices throughout the supply chain they make a fraction of environmental impact generated by most fashion brands. From using heat-reflecting roof and use of renewable energy, to the recycled hangers in our stores and 100% recycled packaging for every order shipped, sustainability is core to our business at every level. It is their goal to raise awareness around the impact fashion has on the environment and at the same time offer sustainable solutions and choices.

There is so much more to learn about this do gooding company. We hope you’ll take the time to learn more about the company and their philosophies here.