Don’t get me wrong, we love a good brunch, but after a good wedding, I mean, a really really good wedding, we’ve found the last thing guests want to do is get up, get themselves together and socialize again. Often it almost just feels like an obligation rather than a celebration. When we feel like we have a real partying group on our hands, our go-to solution for treating the out-of-towners just right is breakfast-in-bed boxes. We’ve done a variety of boxes from Iced Coffee & Doughnuts, Pop Tarts & Juice Boxes, Green Juice & Fruit or Fresh Jam & Scones. And, you know what? They are always a hit. Always. There’s nothing better than waking up and finding something delicious on your bedside table or your door step after a long night of celebrating. And they are super simple to boot. Below is an overview of our most recent breakfast-in-bed box which was made charming with a few extra touches.

First up, decide what you’re going to put inside. For this box, we choose OJ and croissants, the bride’s favorite breakfast. Once we decided the items, we found a mailer box (super inexpensive) that fit the items perfectly. Measure carefully, especially when you’re working with hard items like bottles.

When guests opened the boxes, they found a box lined with striped tissue paper which was a nod to the wedding design, a letter from the couple and all the breakfast goodies. 

We choose to mount the letter onto the lid of the box to punch up the design a bit and to make sure it didn’t get buttery residue on it from the croissants. 

Lastly, we choose to go with inexpensive juice, so we wanted to give the packaging a little bit of love. We had lemony labels made to carry through all of the branding from the wedding day and just replaced the former label accordingly. However, if you want to splurge, you can find the cutest juice, iced coffee or what have you already branded. 

We choose to finish the outside of the box with a bit of baker’s twine, a custom sticker and a laser cut lemon that we had left over from the wedding invitations, but a simple piece of twine with an herb does the trick too. It doesn’t need to be overthought.

That’s it! Deliver and wait for the thankful texts to come your way. Thankful for both the surprise and that you didn’t make them get out of bed after such a great wedding night!