If you’re looking for a last minute way to make tomorrow’s table beautiful, may I suggest intentionally styled platters and bowls of fruits? Here’s a few quick tips:

  1. Make sure to get a lovely variety of texture and sizes from whole fruits to berries. And never pass up anything that’s still on a stem or branch. The stems add a gorgeous organic texture to the mix.
  2. Don’t try to match colors with the fruits but do find shades that work well together. For Thanksgiving, mixing autumnal toned fruits is always nice but nature doesn’t always cooperate. When it doesn’t, refer to tip one as the overall variation in size and texture is more important than creating a specific color palette.
  3. When possible use low vessels that have a bit of lip. I personally prefer wood, ceramics or anything that feels a bit organic and unfinished for an occasion like Thanksgiving. The textures create an approachable feeling that’s perfect for a dinner at home.
  4. Depending on the table size, incorporate multiple trays or low bowls of varying sizes and line them down the center of the table. When mixed in with your place settings and a few candles, it looks that much more refined and intentional over just setting one platter down smack in the middle of the table. 
  5. Tuck an herb, leaf or even pieces of wheat if you have access to them. This just adds even more texture which I personally love in a beautifully styled fruit tray/bowl.
  6. Don’t forget to slice some pieces of fruit open to create more depth with color and texture. Incorporate these pieces both on the tray but also intentionally tucked in throughout the table. There’s nothing more charming than a sliced open fig tucked in sweetly next to a beautiful taper candle.
  7. Just add candles. While tapers in autumnal can feel special, I also find pillar candles or even votives can work well for an effortless table at home.

I shared more reasons and occasions to style with fruit and produce in this post. I hope you’ll check it out! And in case this post has inspired you to up your platter game, here are just a few of my favorites as well as my go to beige candles I keep on hand. All of these options are perfect for serving your favorite dishes or creating beautiful tablescapes.

  1. Classic Coupe Porcelain Serving Platter | 2. Ilana Matte Bowls | 3. Reactive Glaze Serving Platter in Grey | 4. Cherry Wood Nesting Bowl | 5. Taupe Gray Taper Candles | 6. Porcelain Ollers Dining Bowls in White & Brown

All images in post from Abby and Lauren with fruit styled by Studio Mondine from Dorianne and Jordan’s gorgeous wedding