It may sound odd, but I just love incorporating fruit and veggies into tablescapes. It always feels a bit unexpected and intimate to me…As if you just grabbed some fresh fruit from your tree in the backyard and created a beautiful display out effortlessly for your guests to enjoy. And it is the absolute perfect solution when setting a table for a last minute dinner party and are short on time. Here are four reasons to bring fruit (or veggies) into your table designs:

Fruit comes in colors that many flowers don’t. It can make a table scape a bit warmer and even earthy in aesthetic or can make it citrusy, playful and bright. For instance if I want a palette that has a variety of purple tones that feel natural, incorporating whole and halved figs give me a range of shades that I can’t typically find in blooms.

When creating seasonally inspired dinners or celebrations, fruit brings a sense of time and place to the table design. Pumpkins, pears and persimmons always feel distinctly autumn and even a bit nostalgic. For that reason I love incorporating them in my Thanksgiving tables capes or a wedding that’s happening in late October through beginning of December. Peaches remind me of summer, Italy and fresh pie. For that reason, I opt for this fruit when creating in August or September. And strawberries will forever remind me of late spring/early summer. They’re beautiful to use in Memorial Day tablescapes or other backyard dinners.

I love incorporating bright citrus and tropical fruits when I’m creating a fun beach party, a preppy Palm Springs dinner party or Mexican inspired fiesta. Olives, artichokes and even eggplant are my go to for a farmer’s market inspired dinner. And I just love to incorporate tomatoes and even fresh basil when hosting a pizza or pasta party.

Fresh fruit like kumquats, grapes or even berries often come on branches or with pretty leaves attached that add an organic texture that always feels effortless. It adds movement to the tablescape in a way I personally love.