Whether you were planning to head to Bali, Italy or even the Caribbean, traveling right now has given many couples pause. And while you likely never envisioned honeymooning in places like Tennessee or Utah, I’m here to tell you first hand that there are many hotels right here in the United States that rival some of the world’s best destinations. Here’s my short list of honeymoon worthy favorites for those who want to stay a bit closer to home right now:

We planned Melody and Charlie’s wedding at the glorious Blackberry Farm and I have to say, it’s truly a slice of heaven. Right outside of Knoxville, Tennessee, this sprawling “farm” also known as a super refined yet laid back resort is everything you would ever need in a week away with your someone. Rolling green hills, Michelin rated chefs, cooking classes, sheep, truffle puppies, hiking and so much more. It’s the type of place you can be as relaxed or as active as you see fit and you certainly will have no need to leave once you arrive. The service and culinary program is unmatched and the rooms feel like a luxurious yet comfortable home. Whether for a weekend away with your mom, best friends or your new spouse, this hotel needs to be on every traveler’s must experience list.

While Amangiri has become extremely popular due to influencers sharing every nook and cranny of the property, it is still a hidden gem that very few have had the chance to experience. If you’re familiar with the Aman brand, you already know they’re all about service and experience. Their hotels are strategically placed in the best destinations around the globe and while the end result is distinctly Aman, they always incorporate the local aesthetic and culture into each hotel design. Amangiri is built into the desert with it’s subtle, refined architecture that is perfect for the region. The best rooms open up to wide open desert views where you feel like you’re the only person on the planet. Stargazing, crystal sound baths and sleeping under the stars are all regular activities at Amangiri. And while the hotel is absolute perfection, the region has so much to offer that you’ll have to step off property to visit places like Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and Lake Powell. Amangiri not only made me fall more in love with the Aman brand as a whole but it also made me realize that Utah is truly one of the most magical places on Earth.

I’m a Southern California girl through and through and Montecito might be my favorite little corner of Socal if I had to pick. So, obviously when I first visited this little nook of perfection right in a community I already love, it wasn’t a hard sell. This is the same hotel JFK and Jacqueline Onassis honeymooned at among many others who likely could have chosen anywhere in the world for their honeymoon. So you already know privacy is on point. But it’s also a peaceful, overgrown English garden paradise. The cottages are so luxurious yet comfortable and even when the property is full you feel like you’re the only guest around. While it might not be ideal for a full week, if you’re considering hotel hopping or a mini moon of 3 or 4 days, I’d add this hotel to your agenda asap.

My how I love Brush Creek Ranch. Known as a refined summer camp for adults, this hotel taps into every side of my personality. Daily activities include fly fishing, hearding cattle, throwing hatchets and so much more. And of course, they offer meditation, yoga and beautiful hikes. In the evenings, you can opt for a casual night complete with cocktails in the Saloon or by the Bonfire or you can get a little dressed up and head to any number of their incomparable food & wine experiences. While I’ve always experienced this property with the mindset of creating a fabulous wedding, every time I’m there I can’t wait to bring someone I love back with me to explore, relax and eat my little heart out.

If you were hoping for tropical honeymoon then obviously Hawaii is the place to go. And as a former Island girl who spent years living on Maui, I can comfortably say Four Seasons Lanai is the place to explore for beautiful beaches, privacy and dolphins. This hotel recently went through a light renovation and is as gorgeous as ever and it’s a Four Seasons, so you already know the service and food is to die for. I love this spot for weddings. I love this spot for honeymooning. I just love this spot. For those who may not know the area, keep in mind that it has somewhat of a private island feel and you can access it via layover in Honolulu or a short ferry ride from Maui.

If you’re a couple who loves the outdoors, but also prefers luxury, kindly do yourself a favor and get to Caldera House immediately. This hotel is based smack dab in the middle of Teton Village which is perfect if you’re in love with the mountain landscape and it’s an interior design dream to boot. Every detail throughout the hotel is intentionally designed and flawlessly executed. It’s just bougie enough for those who like to be a bit fancy, but it’s set in the naturally rustic environment Jackson Hole is known for. This space sees a little more action than the others on my list, but if you’re the type who likes to explore, wine and dine and maybe do a bit of rafting, hiking and the like, you’re going to love this property.

Post Ranch Inn is one of these other worldly tucked away corners of the country that you would have no reason to stumble across unless you already knew the natural beauty of the region. Big Sur in and of itself is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and Post Ranch Inn brings a modern escape to an otherwise rustic destination. Having a wedding here requires a combination of a buyout, knowing someone very important and promising your first born to the general manager, but that makes it even more perfect for something as intimate as a honeymoon. Arrive and bask in the views of the Pacific Coast or explore a bit of nature via hiking. And no matter what don’t forget to check out all that is good at Big Sur Bakery…the quaintest haunt in all of California with the most perfectly pickeled fruits and veggies and yummiest baked goods.

I have to preface this next sentence with I’m a former Midwestern girl who spent a lot of time on a farm growing up. This, paired with my true love for the South makes Montage Palmetto Bluff the ideal place for me. It just oozes charm and nostalgia. If you like cottages on the river, watching the day go by and being pampered with the most luxurious of service, you’ll love Palmetto Bluff. It’s slow living at it’s best and the relaxed vibe allows you to be fully present every second you’re there. I visited this hotel with my significant other and we didn’t leave the property. We spent our days exploring the property by boats and bikes. We ate the best Southern cooking and spent our evenings in the main house having cocktails by the fire. While I originally visited thinking it would be perfect for a wedding (and it definitely is…hello lil white chapel!!), I left feeling like I wanted to go back again and again with my love by my side.

If you need any help planning your honeymoon at these hotels or any others, please call my dear friend and long time associate, Katie Frederick of Ever After Honeymoons. You can find all of her information by clicking here. She knows everything about honeymoon worthy destinations and hotels and is pickier than you or I could ever be, so you know if she says it’s good, it’s better than you could ever expect. Come back soon and I’ll share all my favorite honeymoon gear including what attire to consider whether you’re honeymooning in the mountains, the country, the beach or the city. Enjoy!