As a child I loved participating in cakewalks. My mother made a cake in particular, which I still remember, with blue glistening frosting and multiple fish in varied colors jumping to and fro. For those of you who have never taken part in a cakewalk, it’s similar to musical chairs, but everyone gets to go home with a cake. The ones I went to were to raise money for our school and everyone who participated had to donate a cake. These cakes would be placed on a display table and everyone would start on a numbered square in a circle. Everyone playing would then walk around the circle in time to music and when it stopped a number would be called out and the person whose name was called would step out and select their prize (1st choice from the display table). The game continues until everyone has received their delicious creation. I just love this idea for a kid’s birthday party, charities or even just a ladies luncheon. Delish!

Top Row: Minimal Cake from Tess & Peter’s Bel Air Wedding/Homemade Apple Pie from Susan & Curtis’s Los Angeles Wedding

Second Row: Fresh Blueberry Pie from Amelia & Danny’s Colorado Wedding/Simple Black & White Cake via Blog by Be

Third Row: Spiced Poppy Seed Cake via Bake at 350/Countryside Cake Display from Liz & Chris’s Los Olivos Wedding

Fourth Row: Lavender Cake Display from Tess & Peter’s Bel Air Wedding