Textiles are everything to me. When you design with such attention to even the tiniest of details, every texture matters. When designing big and over the top, you might be able to sneak in a cheap satin or even a poly cotton because there is so much distraction going on elsewhere, but when going effortless and refined, you have to choose the right textile every single time. Beyond that, linens quite simply just change the look of the day completely. Take the above images for example. This is the exact same place setting. One on a timeless blush raw silk with a hemstitch napkin and the other a black leather linen that screams rock-n-roll edge. I love both looks wholeheartedly, but as you can see, they are very, very different. As you design your day, don’t forget the importance of choosing the right linen. They are essentially the canvas on which you will create your design and matter so much more than most realize.