This upcoming weekend I was scheduled to be in Big Sur for the much anticipated wedding of Louisa and John. We have been planning this fabulous event for many months now, but sadly due to the fires in Northern California, the community of Big Sur has been evacuated and aside from Louisa and John having to move their wedding 6 days before the big day, many people in the Big Sur community have lost their homes. From day one in planning their event at the Ventana Inn, the citizens of Big Sur have come together to make this a special day for an amazing couple and unfortunately we will not be able to see it to fruition in this beautiful mountain town. Our prayers are with everyone in the area for safety.

But, this is not what this entry is about. It’s about maintaining perspective, which is something my bride, Louisa knows all about. It is so easy to get overwhelmed and caught up in the planning process that many couples lose sight of the real meaning behind the wedding day…the actual marriage. For Louisa and John, it doesn’t matter that they are no longer marrying in their ideal location, but that they are getting married all together. It’s not about the flowers she will carry or the wedding cake to be served, because Sunday will still be her one and only wedding day and she is not going to miss it by being sad that things didn’t go as planned. While all of this may sound so obvious to many, it is rare that I see a couple that are so grounded in the meaning of the day and for this reason, it is clear to me that they will get through all the obstacles that life throws at them.

With all of this being said, I wish all of you brides marrying out there to be more present in the moment then you have ever been. Really take the time to feel every hug and enjoy every minute as you celebrate your wedding. It goes by in a flash. And if like my beautiful couple, Louisa and John, something doesn’t go as planned, don’t waste more than two minutes being upset. Because before you know it, the day will be over and it isn’t worth missing out on because a flower was the wrong shade or the fish was a little salty.

For all of you wondering what’s going to happen with Louisa & John, don’t worry…they instead will be marrying at a friend’s home in Malibu. A place that feels so appropriate given the generosity and warmth of the family offering to host the event at the last minute. And no matter what happens, the day will be perfect, because Louisa has decided it will be so. After all, she is marrying the man of her dreams and nothing else matters.

Thank you, Louisa, for reminding all of us the true meaning of gratitude and to be aware of the things you do have rather than focusing on the things you don’t. You have taught me so much in our time together!