Last week we shared Bettina’s wedding that included 24 beautifully mismatched bridesmaids gowns in skin tones from nude to blush to peach. Mismatching bridesmaids dresses has never been more popular. It’s a great way to give your girls a bit more freedom in selecting a dress that suits their personality. You can keep it as simple as giving your girls different style options in the same color or having every single dress different as seen below. Here are 5 quick tips for marvelous mismatching.

1. Pick A Color Scheme ::: It sounds easy but picking a color palette for your bridesmaids dresses can be a daunting task. Try hitting up a paint store and get inspiration from paint swatches. Aim to keep colors from the same family.

2. Print Out Dress Options & Put in Line-up Order ::: This is pretty self-explanatory. Try printing out photos from online stores and literally place them in the order of your bridesmaids line-up. Some dresses will look better next to others so try not to discount a dress one of your girls may like.

3. Stick to Long or Short ::: In effort to simplify the process, it’ll make your job easier by sticking with long or short dresses.

4. Choose Similar Materials ::: Silk doesn’t really go well next to cotton. Try and select very similar materials (i.e. all flowy dresses or all fitted, etc…).

5. Do A Test Run In Person ::: Have your girls bring their dresses to your bachelorette party or bridal shower. Doing a test run in person is an absolute must for mismatching dresses.

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