I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post! Here are a couple more tiny tips on how you can begin to visualize and compromise on your newlywed roost decor.


So you want to have everything planned to a T before biting the bullet with furniture investment pieces, but you are having trouble visualizing the end result in an blank space? Dont panic! Most people have a hard time visualizing scale and placement in an empty room, and while saving up to get the sofa of your dreams is a wonderful goal it can also be a bad excuse to not decorate at all. Try using the pieces you already own as temporary “place holders”. This can help you visualize how future purchases will work in your space before you make a major commitment. Got an old hand-me-down console table stashed in the garage that isn’t quite your style? Break it out temporarily even if just to see how the scale and placement work in the entryway or behind the sofa. Ge creative and paint it or make a skirt for it.  Not only will your place be more stylish than an empty box, but it will allow you to live with the idea before investing in that beautiful designer piece you have been coveting.


In the process of trying to find a balance amongst what could possibly be vastly differering design opinions and priorities, it is sometimes easy to forget about compromise or simply give up hope that you’ll ever be able to find a good mix. We all know love is patient, love is kind and this remembrance should also find it’s place in your nesting plans. You may think you have clashing styles and they may not be vibing together like you had envisioned, but remember that designing a home is as personal a decision as dressing yourself. Decor is a form of expression. It fills a need for comfort, and is meant to be a constantly evolving representation of who you are as individuals and as a couple.

Find balance in all things! Compromising in decor means that by kicking his lazy boy to the curb you’ll have to agree on reupholstering your pink tufted sofa and in comfy (and sexy!) charcoal velvet. Flank it with some stylish and deconstructed leather chairs.  Agree to some peonies on the side table and a lavender throw pillow in exchange for tossing a more modern chandelier in the mix. See his chrome desk and raise him your zebra ottoman. Compromising with your space will provide a comfortable environment that reflects you both. And more often than not, you’ll find your space evolving into something far more interesting and stylish as a result.