While the summer of 2020 hasn’t exactly looked the way we anticipated, we’ve been having so much fun creating events for the tiniest of groups. Ultimately what we love most about celebrations is the memories they create for our clients and their guests and those memories can be just as special if not more when you have an intimate group. Enter Rachel’s 30th Birthday! She had been on the fence of having a party because she wasn’t sure how comfortable her friends would be and if we could create something meaningful within social distancing mandates. Once she found our her friends were game, we got started designing a lovely celebration in the birthday girl’s backyard. For dinner, we created sweet bistro tables where each household could dine together sufficiently distant from the other guests. We served family style dishes to each table so there was no sharing with other guests and at the same time they could splurge in delicious pastas and dishes from Jon and Vinny’s. For dessert, we served everyone their very own individual cake after the birthday girl blew out her candles and we ensured every detail was as thoughtful and intentional as it would be if we were having a hundred people in attendance. After dinner, guests watched an outdoor movie together in comfy lounge vignettes that were perfectly spaced to allow guests to interact but safely keep their distance. It was such a memorable celebration and we anticipate many more to look just like this for the duration of the summer months. Take a peek at the images below from Lindsey Boice.