We had our first wedding planning “crisis”! The DJ that we were booking (just waiting on the contract) realized that he had another contract for the same date already, so we couldn’t get him. Now I say “crisis” because I’m pretty sure that my sister, and probably my mom if she knew, thought I would freak out. But really I know there are other DJs, and probably even good ones! Anyway, my sister is going to meet an associate of the original DJ and I’m sure he will be good too.

The funny thing is that I think “oh anyone will be fine,” but from what I’ve heard that is not always the case! One of my friends was telling me about the DJ at her brother’s wedding, who played a song that even after it had completely cleared the dance floor, he kept playing the song to its bitter-end! And then he let the same song play twice in a row because he left his post! I’ve heard similar stories of DJs taking long breaks and letting a song play twice, so I suppose not just anyone will be fine (but I do hope our DJ will be fine).

We are getting closer to booking our ceremony musicians. And hopefully in the next few weeks we’ll finalize our florist too. What I’m really looking forward to, though, is having our tasting with the caterer and booking them because we can’t have a reception without food! It may seem like I don’t have much to report, which is true because we aren’t doing that much! Ryan and I are just enjoying our time together, slowly putting pieces together with Beth’s guidance. As an event planner myself, I definitely do have one eye on the timeline, because I know these 10 months are going to fly by, and at some point the wedding will be right upon us. But for now we are looking forward to our engagement party in just two weeks!