A couple weekends ago I visited Los Angeles to check out some florists with my mom and Beth. We had already been to our initial meeting with Holly Flora and this was the prototype meeting where they show us what “look” they interpreted from the initial meeting – and I must say, this interpretation was exactly what I had envisioned for our wedding. It was rustic, loose, white…it was simply perfect. Honestly standing there, looking at the table, I could hardly believe that this could be happening for my own wedding. It looked like the beautiful florals seen in magazines and wedding blogs like Style Me Pretty. I actually was a little choked up over flowers; non-colorful flowers, but flowers none-the-less! We also discussed the jars/urns/containers for the day and Beth had even brought some make shift table runners that were in the colors we’re looking at for the full effect; and it was beautiful! Our second florist had to postpone, but I loved this first look so much (and we’ve already gone through the proposal to get it down to a comfortable price point) that I think we will be sticking with Holly Flora.
In addition to the floral appointments, my mom and I must have ventured into at least five TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods stores looking for dishes to use at the wedding (I found two in the clearance section!). I also discovered that they have amazing prices on desiger shoes and clothes – I even picked up a pair of black shoes to wear to Vegas to one of many upcoming bachelorette parties! The next day my mom found some dishes on sale at Pier 1, so she let me know and I picked up a few more here in San Diego. Ryan’s mom in Texas has even gratiously offered to scour the selection there; I’m confident we’ll complete our collection with time to spare!