The days are ticking by and the wedding is so close – only about 40 days now! It’s so exciting getting RSVPs everyday and now I come home many days to really large boxes at the door! We decided to go ahead and send thank you cards as we receive any gifts even though there isn’t really a final consensis on the protocol for that. Some sources say you should wait until after the wedding, and a lot of couples opt to wait so that they can use their new last name and/or new address. Other sources say that it’s polite to let people know as soon as you receive their gift so they aren’t wondering if it made it to you or not. Since our thank you stationery doesn’t include our new last name, we thought we would go ahead and thank people now. Hopefully no one is offended at our decision!

Last week we went down to the San Diego County Clerk and applied for our marriage license! The office was located downtown,  was clean and not too busy and had quite a lovely view.

This was our beautiful view as we waited for our turn!

The entire process was so easy we even saved $20 by getting our license, which is good in all of California, in San Diego instead of Los Angeles…and we probably saved a lot of time and headache too since dealing with anything “governmentally” related is fairly difficult in Los Angeles. Overall we were in and out in about 30 minutes and on our way!