I don’t even know where to begin. I met Room Forty about 9 months ago now and seriously, they are taking it to a whole other level. I mentioned the other day that they created what can only be described as the most magical dinner experience ever for my birthday and I now am literally obsessed with everything they touch. They are uber creative in a way that just sort of unfolds into surprise after surprise, but it’s done in the most non pretentious way. Their presentation is incomparable, something I am personally relentless about. They just get it. They understand that they are a part of a once in a lifetime memory and know how important the role of food plays in creating this experience. I always say, that while no one loves a beautiful room more than I, if the food is average or the guests are bored, people will forget the aesthetic in minutes, no matter how well designed it is. Truth be told, after working with Room Forty, I’m a little insecure that the spaces we design won’t be able to hold a candle to the culinary experience they create. But, I’ll risk it, because seriously, ya’ll, they are the real deal. Can’t gush enough about this team! Take a closer peek at the gorgeous menu they created for my celebration. Also, please, please visit their blog, because they are definitely not a one trick pony. It’s full of foodie inspiration for events of all levels!

Guests arrived to Fromager service with beautiful Spanish & French cheeses, poached fruits, honeycomb and artisan breads.

Once seated, Room Forty, surprised me with an Amuse Bouche of arctic char crudo. grilled cedar. red beet caviar and pistachio soil. Super fanc!

The First Course was a beautiful smoked tomato bisque with langoustines, brioche ribbon and ritz powder poured table side. Gorgeous!

The Mid Course included a crimson raviolo with house made ricotta, bread salad and buerre fondue. If I wasn’t a grown woman, I might have licked my plate. Plus there were too many witnesses…But seriously, I want to eat this pasta every single day of my life.

The Main Course was Black Cod with eucalyptus, old bay caviar and served with wheat berry birdseed and market vegetables. Many don’t know, but I’m actually a Pescatarian and was super nervous about serving a group of carnivores such a delicate little fish dish, but this was so special, no one would have dared complained. It was absolute perfection!

Dessert was a Room Forty specialty with their take on S’mores. It was a S’more parfait with graham soil, chocolate coffee ganache and bruleed homemade marshmallow. But the specialty comes in the nose of the dish. When each guest opened the jar (as Steve Steinhardt is demonstrating below), there was literally a waft of “campfire”. I have no idea how they did it, but it was over the top special.

A special thanks again to Steve Steinhardt for the lovely images. And to Room Forty, the spot in my heart that obsesses about beautiful foods officially belongs to you…