Scotch tastings are becoming all the rage at weddings as many groom’s look for ways to incorporate their style and personalities into the day. Here are just a few tips from Tal of Pharmacie LA on creating the perfect scotch tasting station:

Make sure all 5 Scotch producing regions are represented.
The Highlands
The Lowlands
The Isle of Islay
(You may also want to try tasting blends vs. single malts.)

For presentation, consider place the scotches in beautiful decanters like these ones. And for glassware, standard rocks glasses or snifters are perfect for capturing the aromas of each scotch.

Make Tasting Sheets, noting the names of the scotches and these tasting elements:
Color, Bouquet, Flavor Profile, Finish
Much like a wine tasting you want to pour a small amount (1oz – 1.5oz). The tasters should examine and note all of the elements. And also discuss – that’s the fun part!
Color – make sure they hold the glass to the light to really see and describe the colors.
Bouquet – swirl the scotch, close your eyes, take you time…there’s no wrong answer
Flavor -make sure the tasters don’t just swallow it down, take some time to swirl it and really taste it and again – discuss!
Finish – What flavors linger after the first impression?
Finally, add a little water – bottled only. This can bring out hidden or quiet flavors.  Have the tasters discuss the changes they taste.  Plus water will make it much more palatable for the timid drinkers.