Much like many of you, taking better care of myself has made it to the top of my list of new year’s resolutions this year. This is taking on many forms including beauty resolutions, eating healthier and of course, maintaining my physical and even mental well being. By suggestion of a close friend, I have recently joined a circuit pilates class and am loving every minute of it. Not only, is it quickly whipping me in shape, but the amount of focus needed to properly perform each exercise, forces me to take a mental break from my day, truly making it an entire hour only about me. I share because wedding planning can easily take over every thought you have all day long and it can be good to give your mind and the planning a rest once in awhile.

I’m personally working out at Circuit Hollywood which offers reformer classes in small groups which is perfect if you know your way around the reformer. For those of you considering pilates for the first time, or who are serious about getting into bridal shape, you might consider one-on-one sessions as well. One of our favorite trainers is Viveca Jensen of VPilates who is not only amazing to be around but will make sure you don’t cheat for even a second. Enjoy!