Michelle & Austin : The Hamptons : Image by Corbin Gurkin

For all ladies, shoes are a big deal, but on your wedding day, they feel like the biggest deal.  From the shoes you’ll walk down the aisle in, to the pair you’ll dance the night away in, sometimes just one shoe won’t do. Keep reading for all the excuses you need to get as many shoes as your little heart desires! 


It goes without saying that you will want the most special shoes for your ceremony. You may opt to go super timeless here in all white or you may want a little surprise to peek out of the bottom of the dress. Since you will be in them the least amount of time, feel free to get extravagent and glamourous here. Even the tallest heal and most detailed of shoes can withstand a 45 minute wear.

 LEXI’S TIP: If walking through grass, on the sand, etc. check out SoleMates for navigating difficult terrain and protecting your most important shoes.

Stella & Peter : Maui : Image by Jose Villa


If you’re like many of our brides, you probably struggle between balancing out your classic, sophisticated side with your quirky, playful side. If so, change up your shoes and use your photo sessions to tell the story of who you are as a couple. A bride and groom who don old Converse for the sweet lakeside picture – old school and hip.  Costumey boots are vintage and chic, sandals are laidback and fun-loving, moccasins are bohemian and fun … you get the idea.  Be yourself and have fun with the pictures!

Surya & Nick : Aspen : Image by Jonas Peterson


And of course, not to be forgotten are the dancing shoes.  Dancing shoes are vital to your soon-to-be aching feet.  Heels add height and glamor, but be sure to wear heels you can walk (not wobble) in.  Test your dancing shoes out – vacuum or walk laps (on carpet or clean floor) in your wedding shoes a few weeks before the big day and be sure they are comfortable.  And if you can’t walk, you can’t dance, and where’s the fun in that?

LEXI’S TIP: Want killer heels AND comfort during the reception? Check out ballroom dancing shoes for the night. They are perfect for brides who care more about height and comfort than labels. 

Laura & Jeremy (anxiously awaiting to share full wedding!) : The Big Island : Image by Steve Steinhardt


Around midnight you might want to give your feet a little break. If so, a glamourous pair of flats or sandals can be brought out late night when you are just sitting back and reflecting with your die hard guests that want to go all night long!

Surya & Nick : Aspen : Image by Jonas Peterson


While it’s absolutely not necessary to get a new pair for EVERY event, if you need even more excuses, don’t forget all the other events you will be a part of over the next few months. Showers, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners and even the bachelorette party are all big moments where you may want to show of your shoe style!

Liz & Chris : Los Olivos : Image by Aaron Delesie

Come back later in the week to see some of our favorite shoe picks for the above moments!