Okay, this one is for my fellow event planners…sorry couples…I’ll be back tomorrow with something pretty and inspiring for you! So planners, here’s the thing: back when I was naively optimistic, I promised a group of event planners a workshop in my beautiful new studio. We talked dates, topics and so much more. Since that clearly can’t happen, I’ve decided to bring that content to you anyway via my newest venture, The Helm by Beth Helmstetter. The Helm by Beth Helmstetter is an educational platform designed for up and coming planners and even includes a lil something useful for seasoned ones as well. I’m creating content in bite-sized pieces focusing on the same information I’d share in a workshop. I’m diving deeper into the most common questions I get from my coaching clients and followers. And ultimately I’m sharing the tips and tools I’ve used to elevate my own business. BUT, there’s one caveat: I’ve been planning this resource for a while and have been dying to have a window of time to work on it. While the window is here, the access to my talented team of creatives is not. The current content is shot by lil ole me and will be for as long as we need to stay home. My hair and makeup isn’t professionally done and there’s no fancy edits. It’s just me sharing everything I know in the comfort of my own home….However, what the videos lack in polish, they more than make up for in content as I literally share everything! While I may go back and create something a lil more aesthetically appealing someday, I decided timing was more important than perfection. All that said, I’m excited to launch The Helm by Beth Helmstetter.

As a welcome gift, I’ve also created “GET TREATED LIKE AN EXPERT RATHER THAN ASSISTANT.” It’s filled with tips and tools you can implement immediately to develop better client relationships. To get access to this session and the related downloadable tools as well as be the first to know when new content is released, please register at www.thehelmbybethhelmstetter.com.