It’s really no secret. While I try so hard to be remain unbiased, I’m a private estate gal at heart. Not that private estates aren’t without their frustrations (rentals aren’t super fun and most are logistically challenging when it comes to power, lighting, parking, bathrooms, etc), but even so, there is something wonderful about having a space all to yourself on your wedding day. This being said, I continue my series on finding the right venue for your style with the pros of the private estate.

You might be a private estate sort of couple if:

1 | You prefer privacy over convenience.

Estates are typically renting to you and you only for the weekend meaning you don’t have to worry about bumping into the couple who took the morning slot or gawking hotel guests.

2 | You like the idea of a completely blank slate to implement your wedding day vision

This is a big one for me. I love the design flexibility that comes with a private estate. Though this blank slate can come with a higher price point in order to make it functional.

3 | You like the idea of marrying at a venue that is a little off the beaten path

And is not the site your friends have been to a million times. Private estates typically host less weddings per year making your day feel that much more special.

4 | You want to have freedom when choosing your food & beverage options

Most private estates rent the property only. And while they may require you to work with their preferred vendor list, it’s nice to be able to have a choice in who caterers your dinner or who to secure your wine and alcohol from.

5 | You want a private getaway for your nearest and dearest

Along with hosting your wedding at these homes, many allow you and a few select guests to stay on the property making it the perfect place for a rehearsal dinner bbq or morning after brunch as well.

Images above are from Ashley & Liam’s Wedding at the gorgeous Dunbar Ranch.