Even before working there, St. Barth stole my heart. I love everything about blending French and Island culture together. The collective aesthetic is cheeky, playful yet chic and creating a wedding weekend in this location was always a dream. A&M were a dream client who’s family lived on the island part of the year so creating something with them meant really leaning into the authentic culture of the destination as to ensure their guests experienced the island exactly as they should. The wedding weekend included an itinerary featuring all of the spots one would want to visit during a trip to St. Barth, starting with a welcome dinner at Eddy’s Ghetto. Leaning into the rustic vibe of the space, we draped collected yet mismatched scarves through the ceiling, created tablescapes filled with tropical fruits and rattan animals and finished dinner with a shot of Rhum. The casual yet elevated vibe of the first night, set the stage for a memorable weekend.

Day two started with a beach party at Nikki Beach, which is an absolute must do if you’re in St. Barth, whether personally or with a group. We greeted guests with every tropical drink you can think of while they enjoyed beach activities like paddle boarding, sunbathing and dancing on the tables (obviously).

For the wedding day, the couple married at the Wall House museum overlooking the village and the Caribbean Sea and dined at tropical paradise that is Tamarin. Guests were serenaded by Zak Abel before dancing the night away. This celebration captured by Docuvitae and Max Cutrone, just so happens to be one of my favorites. It was effortless, lovely and filled with fun.