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September 12, 2014

I’m the first to admit that it can be challenging to maintain your lifestyle when traveling, but after traveling an average of 100,000 plus miles per year for the past 7 years, I think I’ve finally got it down. This being said, I thought I’d share a few of my travel must-haves that tend to get me by. TOTE: I don’t go anywhere without my Longchamp tote. It’s not only pretty but it can take a solid beating and still look polished. I cannot recommend this enough. HEADPHONES: I love my Urbanears Tomato Headphones. Not because they are the most amazing headphones ever, but because they come in such lovely colors. And, pretty always wins out over functionality in a designer’s world. TRAVEL DRESS: Splendid’s long sleeve maxi dress is my go to for every flight. It’s warm and comfy and when paired with a scarf or denim jacket, still looks fresh. SANDALS: Dolce Vita makes my all time favorite sandals in every color. They’re as comfy as your average flip flops but still have a bit of polish to them. DAY DRESS: Joie’s Soft line has the greatest wrinkle free dresses ever. I always travel with one so I can go straight from the plane to a meeting when needed. LINEN BAGS: Way back when my bestie bought me monogrammed bags for my jewelry and lingerie. I love them so. They make me feel put together and girlie when my whole world is in disarray due to my hectic schedule. This set is from Turq Jewelry. BRACELET: I love my leather Tory Burch bracelet. I literally wear it with EVERYTHING for a quick touch. It’s a definite staple. THE TEE: J. Crew’s Vintage Tees are my go to tees. I do everything in them. I sleep, workout and just cruise about town in them, if I get a few hours to myself. So comfy. Virtually wrinkle free and just effortless. NECKLACE: I always have a basic locket with pictures of those I love inside. This one from House of Harlow is a definite classic. DENIM: Mother Jeans are where it’s at. I love their Skinny jeans myself, but they have a style for everyone. They are so comfortable and when my maxi is a little dirty, I’ve spent 14 hour flights in these little beauties. MY WORKOUT: When at home, I head to Barry’s Bootcamp, but when I travel, I never really know what I’m going to have available. So, I’m always prepared with workout memes to get me by. This one is from my super fab trainer, Ricardo Vargas, is my all time favorite. It totally kicks my bum every time. FLATS: A comfortable pair of flats is a must for every trip. These are from Chloe, but Lanvin, Burberry and Chanel all make perfectly polished flats. RUNNING SHOES: I don’t go anywhere without these. As I mentioned, I never know what my workout will be, but 99% of the time, there is always a place to run. These are my Nike Frees in my signature colors, black & gold, but you should obviously, find the perfect pair for yourself.

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