Because my name is on the business, so many think this little dream of mine is fueled by me and me alone. Nothing could be further from the truth. Behind the scenes we have an army of women just as passionate about creating memories for our clients as I am. They each come to the table with their own strengths and approach and because of that it makes our designs, celebrations and even the smallest moments we create that much better. Here’s an intro to each of our associates and the role they play at BHE.

If you don’t already know, I’m the Creative Director and Founder of BHE. I focus all of my time on how we can make each event that much more special be it through aesthetic design, a memorable guest experience or a sweet detail that no one will ever forget. I also spend much of my time running the company which involves everything from business development, marketing, accounting, HR and a myriad of other hats.

Nicole is our Operations Director and she’s the best of the best. I bring an idea to the table and she figures out how to make it work in a way that’s streamlined and fool proof. She leads the team in day to day operations and makes sure ever i is dotted and t is crossed. Efficiency and clear communication is a cornerstone in her approach which ultimately makes sure our team is always on the same page and fully engaged in every piece of every project we take on.

Jamie and Marie are our amazing Event Producers. If you work with us, you work with me and one of these two amazing humans as my counterpart. While I’m talking all things design, they’re focusing on vendor management, budgets, timelines and the like. They ensure our events are as flawless as they are beautiful and ultimately are the best project managers around.

Zoe, to the left, is our Production Manager. She focuses on ensuring all of the back of the house elements are logistically sound. Think generators, portable restrooms, major buildouts and more. On site, she’s working with crews to load and unload semis, build flooring, install lighting and more. Not the pretty stuff, but the true backbone of ensuring the foundation of our events are solid.

Munnat, on the right, is our Design Manager. Her and I work together to dream up a million details and then Munnat works diligently behind the scene to get these elements in place. This often looks like working with our graphic design team or embroiderer to make custom stationery, napkins and more. Or securing the perfect textile for our tables, the best pendants for the event design, etc. She’s all about the pretty stuff and her perspective makes our events that much more beautiful.

Jasmine and Audrey are our Event Associates. They manage room blocks, guest lists, vendor communication and more. They are the reason Aunt Sally gets her gluten-free meal at the wedding and the welcome bags are delivered before guests check in to their hotel. And they both come with their own individual skillset that rounds out our team that much more. Jasmine (on the left), also serves as our Studio Manager ensuring the office is organized, the team is bonding and so much more. While Audrey has a true passion for entrepreneurship and works with me regularly as we explore growth opportunities at BHE.

If it’s not obvious, I think our team is truly the most amazing. We all are absolutely obsessed with the work we do and truly enjoy collaborating to make every project we take on absolutely perfect.