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January 24, 2018

Getting married at your personal home or vacation house is similar to a private estate except for one detail…it’s all yours and nothing can be more sentimental than that! I just returned from a scouting trip to Colorado where the couple will be marrying at their parent’s home and I couldn’t be more giddy. It’s the same home where the groom proposed, where they’ve spent time off through their courtship and essentially, where they have so many amazing memories. A confession…most of my favorite weddings have taken place in the backyard of my client’s homes. And while it’s not exactly an option or even the right option for everyone, you might consider a backyard wedding if:

-You have a home large enough to accommodate your guest list and vision. Whether 30 or 130, determine your ideal size in advance and have a professional walk your home to make sure it can work for your wedding size and scope.

-You want to save a few dollars (and who doesn’t, right?). You will obviously be able to avoid the site fee that comes with renting a ballroom or private estate but be careful to do all the math as you will spend quite a bit in rentals, parking and all of the other basics to make your home party ready.

-You like the idea of having full control over the space. There are no limitations to the possibilities. You may want to landscape the gardens to complement the flowers and colors in your bouquet or you may be able to bribe your neighbors with wedding cake to allow you to party all night long.

-And probably the number one benefit of marrying in your home is the nostalgia that comes from the place where you played on your first swing set, kissed your first boyfriend or if it is yours and not your parent’s, you may be marrying in a home where you have already started building your new life with your fiancé. I can’t think of anything more appropriate than that!

Next week will be my final in the series focusing on nontraditional venues like barns, lofts and anywhere else your creativity can take you…

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