One of the number one questions we get asked is “are we willing to work with outside vendors?” And while the answer is almost always “yes”, there’s just one thing to remember:

The goal of a planning team is to ensure full success of the events as well as consistency. Additionally, mitigating risk is always a top priority. A planner or designer should never be put in a position of going into your wedding day with a “Fingers crossed. I really hope this works out!” thought process. You want your planning and design team to show up fully confident in the work they’ve done and the vendor teams who are supporting the event. While you may have found the next great florist on Instagram or your friend’s cousin’s sister said you HAVE to hire this photographer, it’s important to know that for your planner, this can feel like a risk. Expect any experienced planner to at best, thoroughly vet any vendor you bring to the table and at worst, bump at the idea of working outside of their network. Any experienced planner knows not all vendors are created equal and want nothing more than to deliver on the work you’re expecting from them. My suggestion is to bring anyone you’ve discovered to the table but be open to your planner to suggest vendors with a comparable style that they may have experience with.

Just a little food for thought next time you’re asking your planning team to work with people outside of their network. It is rarely about the planner’s preference and so much more about upholding standards, mitigating risk and knowing without a doubt that your weekend and memories will be successful.