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July 11, 2017

If I’m being honest, beach weddings are really not my thing. They are actually quite messy and hard to control once you factor in the sun, the sand and the heat. So while it’s great for a casual BBQ in your bathing suit, the last thing most guests enjoy is being in a tux or gown while standing in sand. This said, this one was different…Jenny and Drew understood from day one that if they wanted to have a successful beach wedding they had to think of the elements. We floored every bit of the ceremony, walking pathways, cocktail hour and of course the reception so guests could come in their favorite dancing shoes and not worry about ruining them or their feet for that matter. We had breezy shade created from luxurious linen and of course we made sure the guests were refreshed as possible with cocktails flowing the second they arrived. The results were breathtaking and made me have a momentary change of heart about beach weddings…Take a peek at the images from Steve Steinhardt below and come back tomorrow where we show you a close up of their beautiful stationery and paper products. 


















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