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Loving This: Amanda Marsalis Shoots Polaroids

August 28, 2009

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Amanda Marsalis at the wedding of Zoe and Griff. She was walking around taking polaroid pictures of the event as the rest of the guests were having watermelon lemonade and mini meatball sliders. I was wondering what the heck she was doing. I mean, she was shooting with the same eye and attention to detail as I see from my other wedding photographers, so I could tell this wasn’t her first go around, but, being that I have NEVER seen even a remotely decent polaroid picture, I kind of thought she was wasting her time a bit. Boy, was I wrong! Little did I know that Miss Amanda is a well known artist in the photography world who has captured the likes of Juliette Lewis, Dennis Hopper, Beck and many, many others. Her images are breathtaking, and Zoe and Griff were so lucky to have another pair of creative eyes capturing their day. Here are a few of my favorite shots from Amanda Marsalis.

Polaroid wedding photography

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