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If you’ve followed us for any length of time, you already know we’re a big fan of movie nights. Whether it’s in your own backyard or an added event to your wedding weekend, we just love the nostalgia that’s inspired by bringing guests together to watch your all time favorite movies or even the first film you saw together as a couple. That said, today we’re sharing three different seating formats to consider if you’re planning your own movie night. And if you need a bit more help pulling the entire evening together, check out our Celebrate at Home post here where we share all the details you need to make this celebration a success.

A lounge created of low to the ground bean bag-esque seating can create a casual space that encourages guests to just settle in and relax. We specifically love these pieces from Found Rentals that have a bit of structure and sophistication while also being big enough for two people. Don’t forget to add a few blankets to encourage guests to cuddle up. 

If you want to go truly nostalgic, sourcing vintage auditorium seating is the way to go. While not as comfortable, this look provides an old fashioned movie experience guests will sure to enjoy. Make the space a bit more comfortable with some pretty throw pillows and end tables for drinks and popcorn.

And if you want to go truly casual, simply bring in lots of rugs and ground pillows and invite guests to pile in! We love this look if you’re hosting your nearest and dearest and they’re not afraid to snuggle up. Don’t forget to get more pillows than you think you need and lots of rugs. You’ll want to cover as much of the ground as possible,  not only for aesthetics but also for guest comfort.



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