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February 23, 2018

Planning your own wedding? We’ve got the list to help you organize your wedding planning timeline. The Key: Break everything down into bite-sized pieces. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself by getting everything on your list done at once. Below is a rough timeline for a planning & design calendar that’s easy to follow and helps keep you on track for a successful celebration.

SET YOUR BUDGET // Right out of the gate, determine how much you have to spend based on your families contributions as well as your own.

BUILDING THE TEAM // In the first 10 weeks of wedding planning, focus on building the team for your big day. First, you should book vendors based on who can’t take more than one wedding in a day. Think photographers, caterers, bands, venues, etc. Those are typically the vendors that book up the quickest, especially in peak wedding seasons.

Photo by Docuvitae from Lindsay & James’ Wedding

THE DRESS // Aim for 9 Months in advance of your wedding to get your dress. This will allow for enough time for alterations and ensure you can avoid rush fees.

Photo by: Steve Steinhardt from Ali & Ryan’s Wedding

SAVE THE DATES // Typically, save the dates should go out 6 to 9 months in advance to give guests enough time to plan any necessary travel and make sure they don’t commit to other things on your wedding weekend.

Photo by Steve Steinhardt from Ali & Ryan’s Wedding

BRIDAL PARTY // Give your favorite people notice 6 to 8 months in advance so they can help plan the Bachelorette/Bachelor party, bridal shower and get their wedding attire without added stress or rush fees.

Photo by Braedon Photography from Melody & Charlie’s Wedding

DESIGN // Depending on how far in advance you are planning your wedding, we recommend that you have a solid design concept 6 Months in advance. This will give you time to find the perfect vendors including florists, linens, etc. and allow for some trial and error, small tweaks and changes which may be necessary due to budgeting.

Photo by Docuvitae from Lindsay & James’s Wedding

CAKE TASTING // 6 Months will give you ample time to taste enough cakes to find and book the right one!

Photo by Steve Steinhardt from Brian & Chad’s Wedding

WEDDING RINGS // Aim to pick out your wedding bands 3 Months prior.

Photo by Lauren and Abby from Lauren & Samira’s Wedding

INVITATIONS // Invitations should be sent 6-8 Weeks before the wedding.

Photo by Steve Steinhardt from Sydney & Ray’s Wedding

HAIR & MAKEUP TRIALS // 2 Months before the wedding is when we recommend that you do your hair and makeup trial. Just try not to get any major hair cuts or color in between your trial and wedding day. Tip: if you don’t like the results of the trial, don’t be afraid to ask them to change or alter it until you like it. That’s what the trial is for!

Photo by: Steve Steinhardt from Ali & Ryan’s Wedding

MARRIAGE LICENSE // 1 Month prior to the wedding, set aside some time for you and your soon-to-be to visit the courthouse.

RSVP DEADLINE // 2-3 Weeks before your wedding date is when you should have received all RSVP’s from your guests.


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