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Planning Tidbit: Custom, custom, custom

October 23, 2009

Once upon a time, I was watching an interview with Martha Stewart as she discussed her new line of paint for K-Mart. I pretty much worship Martha, so I listened very attentively about her decision to venture into house paint among all of the other things she has her little hands into. She said something I have never forgotten and still to this day remind my clients. She said, she came up with the paint line simply because she couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for. In fact, this seems to be her inspiration behind many of her products and projects…Now, I’ve worked with many brides after they have searched long and hard for some sort of something that would make their wedding just perfect but they just couldn’t find anything that was exactly right. Some may have settled, but I ALWAYS encourage my clients to consider having it custom made. Whether it’s a pillow, table runner, vase or even a cake topper, there is so much talent in the world making great handmade items, that I simply do not believe you can’t find everything little thing your heart desires. I’m sure you think I’m crazy and extravagent, but truth be told, having a throw pillow made depending on the fabric can cost about $7 to $10 each. Try buying a ready made pillow for that amount. Now, try buying a ready made pillow for that amount and one that matches your decor to a tee. Almost impossible! So, before you give up, do yourself a favor and find out the cost to have something created just for your big day. Some things may be out of range, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised on other items.

Etsy is beyond my favorite spots for finding those must have items and for all of my custom sewing projects, Jessica from The Sewing Lounge has been my savior on many occasions.

PS. The image above is from vesselsandwares online Etsy store!

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