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July 27, 2020

One of the number one questions I get from potential clients and other planners relates to my “secret” around successful event design. And while I’ve learned a ton of what works and doesn’t work aesthetically over the past 15 years, the easiest way to explain my top tip is I simply pay attention. I pay attention to the details that make an experience better for me in the everyday world. For instance, when I’m dining out, I love when I can tell intention was put into everything from the lighting fixtures to the plates the food is served on to the attire the servers wear. For that reason, I am certain to put thought into these details when I’m creating an event. And, I’m a huge sucker for specialty ice in my cocktails. Because of this, I’m always excited to consider this element when I’m creating a celebration as well. When I’m at a hotel, I can always tell how special of an experience it’s going to be based on how much they anticipate my needs from the moment I arrive. This carries over to my events in that no matter how simple or over the top of an event I’m creating, guest experience and meeting their needs is always a number one priority. Of course I have a very streamlined design process that I’ve developed to ensure success, but if you want an easy tip you can implement in your own wedding design, simply start paying attention to the details that excite you and make you feel special. Maybe it’s how the barista speaks to you at the coffee shop or the fun stirrers they have available or maybe you just love the branding on your favorite hand soap or are enamored by the packaging your favorite online shop uses when they ship you a product. Take cues from your own life and figure out how to incorporate similar touch points into your day. It will make all the difference between creating just another pretty wedding and a memorable experience that’s reflective of you as a couple.

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