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Real Life Bride: Week 38

July 26, 2010

The wedding is less than 100 days away now and that might sound far still, but I remember when my good friend was at 99 days out (Macy’s wedding registry gives you a lovely little countdown via large red numbers on the registry!), and now she’s been married for over a month and it seems like that was just yesterday! So I definitely think these last few months are going to fly by.

We are waiting to receive our invitation envelopes back from Laura (calligrapher/sister) and the assembled invite suites from my mom. In the meantime, we’ve been searching for and purchasing vintage stamps for the invites, trying to stick to ones selling at face value. We’ve actually found some really cute ones including some with airplanes (Ryan has his pilot’s license) and various wildlife. Wouldn’t it have been smart to have saved all of the past “Love” stamp editions?! But who thinks of that before they are engaged!

We are on target to get the invitations in the mail the first week of August or so with our invite list finalized at 109 guests – just 9 people over the venue capacity! – and while we’re sad that we can’t invite everyone we might have wanted to, we are very much looking forward to our small-ish wedding and definitely love our intimate venue.

In addition to our wedding invitations and print materials, Laura offered to design the rehearsal dinner invitations for Ryan’s parents. We went through a few different proofs (having Ryan relay his mom’s vision to me who then relayed it to Laura took a bit of fine tuning and tweaking!), but ultimately Laura came up with a design that we all love…of course…so those are going to print soon as well.

We’ve also continued to collect our dinner plates for the reception and various items for the reception decor – lots of little details to pull everything together!

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