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Reason to Celebrate II : Menu, Music & Cocktails

February 18, 2011

Last week we shared with you the attire, decor and charming details we are working with on one of the engagement celebrations we’re planning. BUT, as you know, pretty things are not all it takes to make a successful party. You must keep guests full, festive & merry! For an engagement party full of sophistication and shine, we like a standing cocktail party with heavy appetizers, a champagne bar & familiar yet interesting enough music in the background to keep people guessing yet comfortable. Below is the menu & music we’ll be using to do just that.

For music, we asked our favorite DJ, Nahchey Storer, to put together a collection of his top tunes for an elegant but happening cocktail party.

These all could easily be popped into your iPod along with some of your tried & true favorites, but we are leaving it to Nahchey! It’s definitely worth the extra funds to have a professional to read your crowd and keep the party going all night long!

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