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Wedding Industry Celebrities

October 29, 2009

So, we in the wedding industry are admittedly kind of nerds. Everyone who is serious about their career in this biz are absolutely obsessed with all things wedding and we even have our very own list of industry “celebrities” if you will, who we all worship. Well, I guess, “worship” is not the right word, but there is a definitely a few leaders in this industry who many of us look up to, respect and aspire to reach the level of success they have achieved. One of the biggest names in our industry is Liene Stevens, founder of Splendid Communications and Blue Orchid Designs. Liene is one of the top experts in both the wedding industry and a leader in the developing social media revolution that is taking over our world. She strives to assist the creative types that dominate our industry and guides us in areas such as online branding, social media endeavors and a bunch of other very important things I wouldn’t even begin to explain correctly if I tried. Bottom line is what she says is truly respected industry wide. So, understandably, I got a little teary eyed when she included me on her twitter list of wedding professionals to follow and included the following words of support:

Wedding Pros to Watch
In twenty years when this handful of people have Preston Bailey or Colin Cowie status (or bigger), I want to be able to say “I told you so”. This list is so I can say that. If someone isn’t on this list it doesn’t mean they won’t have huge, fabulous companies in 20 years, after all I don’t have a crystal ball. However, these are all people I am willing to bet actual large amounts of money on, and I never bet with anything more than Skittles or M&Ms or a $5 bill.

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For those of you who don’t know Preston Bailey and Colin Cowie, well they are a couple of the industry’s biggest “celebrities” and I would be lucky to achieve even half of the success or make a quarter of the impact on the wedding industry that they have over the past 20 years, but nonetheless, am just giddy at the prospect!

Thank you, Liene, for EVERYTHING you do to make our industry better and of course, for believing in little ole’ me! It really made my day!

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