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Wedding Mares

February 25, 2010

It’s 3:30 in the morning and I’ve already been up for two hours due to Wedding Mares. Yes, planners have them too. Of course, mine are not exactly the same as a bride’s…My dress fits just fine and my bouquet isn’t dead. Mine are more like the band didn’t show up or I ordered the wrong linens and it’s ruined the whole design of the event. As nonsensical as they are, wedding mares can leave any bride or planner with an overwhelming anxiety and anytime I have them, it makes me empathize that much more with my clients. I plan weddings all day, every day, and I still get anxiety about each and every event I plan. While, after over 150 weddings, I now know there is rarely such a thing as a completely perfect wedding, perfection is what every planner still strives for. And, while I’m definitely not a psychologist, I would guess this quest for perfection is the source of these wedding mares.

As annoying as not being able to sleep can be, these little nightmares just remind me of how much more stressful the planning process is for the bride in her quest for perfection. I mean, this is probably the one and only time you will plan an event this large and with all of the emotions involved, who wouldn’t be stressed. But, just know that with so many moving parts, there will be little things that may go wrong but in all my years of planning, I have yet to have one of my wedding mares come true and I almost guarantee yours won’t either. But just in case, I keep a notebook on my nightstand with reminders to handle the next morning, like “reconfirm the band” and “doublecheck the linens”. That is, if I am actually lucky enough to be able to fall back asleep.