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Weddings | Venue Search: Nontraditonal Venues

January 11, 2021
Lofts, barns, museums and more can all be great locations for your wedding site. They offer an unique atmosphere and aesthetic and can already have built in design inspiration for your day.

You might find a nontraditional venue perfect for you, if:

1. You have a distinct style and would rather have the venue communicate this style than try to transform a ballroom or private estate to fit your vision.

2. You like the idea of giving your guests a completely new experience. Many nontraditional spaces are not as common as other more traditional venues and your wedding may be the first time anyone has ever seen a wedding like yours.

3. You want to be creative and the venue will allow you to do so throughout every detail of the wedding. For example, if you are in a loft for your wedding, you might find a really chic cocktail party would be a better flow for the evening over a sit down dinner. Or, if you are in a barn for the night, you might embrace the feel by playing horseshoes at cocktail hour or having a lounge area created out of hay bales. In a gallery space? Opt to let the existing art to inspire the overall aesthetic and experience.

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