As a blogger, I get the luxury of working from home, which is both a blessing and a curse. In the beginning, I found that I was easily distracted by other things around me because I didn’t have a comfortable, designated workspace.

Creating my own workspace in my home is really important for me to be able to focus. I prefer my space to be clutter free – I feel like a clear desk is a clear mind! Put your papers and odds & ends away in containers and paper organizers. This doesn’t mean that I like it to be too stark though – if you know anything about me by now, is that I’m enamored with the pretty. Decorate sparingly and with purpose, using things like patterned mousepads and textured desk accessories. I personally love fresh blooms on my desk!

Even if you don’t work from home – take some time to spruce up your desk at the office. You spend so much of your life there, I promise it’ll brighten up your day ever so slightly to start a day with a beautiful, efficient space.

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x, Jody