If you know anything about us, you know how much we simply love to make people feel special. Whether it’s through impactful surprises at our celebrations or tiny, personal touches, much of our purpose revolves around creating meaningful moments. And while we’ve been doing lots and lots of gifting for our events for years, we’ve recently been working with families, brands, corporations and more to create beautifully curated gifting for their associates, loved ones and more. It’s made our lil hearts sing, if I’m being honest. We love nothing more than putting a lot of thought into creating the perfect gift that will make the recipient feel special and honored. Below are a few of our favorites from the past few weeks.

First up was this amazing collaboration with Canvas Apparel. They are LA’s newest responsibly made source for all of your favorite basics. We were so excited to partner with their founder, Janet Pae, to welcome her new associates with custom note pads, pretty desk accessories and more. Next up with Canvas, we are creating the prettiest influencer gifting one every did see and I’ll be sure to share it as soon as it’s in the recipient’s hot little hands.

Next up were these sweet bridesmaid cookie bouquet gifts that no potential bridesmaid on the planet could say no to. Complete in a refined teak box and silk ribbon, we fell in love with these lil beauties. And if you want to see these lil lovelies being made, visit our Instagram where our reel of the process enamored so many followers. 

Speaking of bridesmaids, we also curated this gorgeous gift filled with the prettiest goods from a oversized split of Veuve, Le Labo Candle and everything a girl needs to have a luxurious night in.

For a recent baby shower we created these amazing virtual celebration boxes filled with a onesie tie die kit and treats that were also served at the shower itself. While the times are definitely making this a necessity, I personally hope this trend sticks as I just love the idea of these gifts for any guest who can’t make the celebration in person.

And we were beyond in love with this super playful gift complete with MilkBar Cake Tuffles, Instamax camera and everything a gal needs to feel celebrated.

We have so many more in the works that we will be sharing and adding to our shop soon. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to email us at shop@bethhelmstetter.com if we can create something amazing for your team, bridal party or anyone else on your gifting list.