To further illustrate my post on lighting, here’s a breakdown of the different lighting techniques we commonly use to beautify our venues:

1. Overhead decorative lighting is almost always the most noticeable. For M&C’s Wedding, we mixed crystal chandeliers with rustic lanterns to create a more residential vibe and a soft, festive glow.

2. Pinspotting on the tables allowed the flowers to shine and highlighted the texture of each bouquet.

3. Uplighting draws attention to architectural elements and warms the space while distracting the eye from any eye sores of a space.

4. Candlelight is obvious. There’s nothing like that glow. We had hundreds of candles at this Villa Sevillano Wedding.

Above images by Samantha Cabrera.

5. If we have a band (like Amy & Jason’s 22 piece group), we love to make them shine by highlighting the musicians.

6. When in a space with amazing architecture, wood beams, beautiful chandeliers, a nice diffused textured lighting or soft wash draws your eye to the features of the space.

7. At this Vibiana wedding, we uplit the custom trees so we were able to see the texture of the branches, rather than turning them into dark shadows.

Special thank you to Samuel Lippke for this beautiful capture.