Smelling good is kind of my thing. It’s more of a neurosis at this point than an actual skill set, as I, personally, just feel that much prettier when I smell nice. For me, it’s more than just my perfume. It’s how my perfume layers with my body cream, my soap and if I’m so inclined, my bath soak. Below are just a few of my go to’s when it comes to pleasing the nose. And, as Coco says, you should apply scent to everywhere you want to be kissed, so I’ve even included my secret to yummy smelling lips.

Favorite Scents

TOP ROW: Jo Malone is my go to. She has a scent for every woman, every season, every occasion. I like her fragrances because they are light and feminine. I use four different scents including:

Spring: Nectarine Honey

Summer: White Jasmine Mint

Winter: English Pear & Freesia

Night Time/Time with my Guy: Red Roses, all the way

BOTTOM ROW: I always start with a base of Barr & Co. Their original scent soap is just clean with the right amount of citrus and then I lather up in their Honeysuckle Hand Cream, which I’m not afraid to use over my entire body. If I’m in the mood for a bath, I love Royal Botanicals Rose Geranium Bath Soak. It’s super luxurious and fragrant without being over bearing. And for my lips, I keep them supple and smelling good with Smith’s Minted Rose Balm.

Layering scents is an art. Figuring out what scents work well together in what amounts with your personal body chemistry can take a little time, but it’s well worth it. Give it a shot!