Before hiring a photographer always ask to see two to three full weddings rather than just a few of their favorite, edited down images shown online. Everyone can get a few pretty shots, but looking at a full wedding will allow you to see if they can consistently create beautiful images throughout the day shooting in a variety of elements, lighting, etc. While not every image in a real wedding has to be perfect, you should resonate with more than 5 to 10 of the hundreds images you are likely to receive. Pay attention to how they capture portraits, intimate moments/candid shots, details and any other priorities you might have. Some photographers are amazing at posed portraits, but aren’t as intuitive when it comes to capturing those little hidden moments. And, some photographers can capture amazing magazine worthy details, but aren’t the best at shooting those heirloom family portraits everyone needs. Some are perfect at shooting in natural light, but not great with nighttime shots. Identify what’s most important to you and that will help you find the best fit overall.

The above image was capture by one of our favorite and consistent photographers, Steve Steinhardt, from Alison & Ryan’s Palm Springs Wedding.