…still has a real life! This past week was all about a BIG event – but it wasn’t our wedding! Saturday was my company’s annual fundraising gala that I organized from start to finish. When I started at my new job they were going to be doing a Casino Night, but they’d done that three times in the last five years, so I decided it was time for something new. After some brainstorming, I was thinking a Cirque theme could be really fun, and then the light bulb went off – Cirque du Seacrest Masquerade Ball!! (Seacrest is our company name). The women on the committee were hesitant, but after I worked with the designer to create the event design, I definitely won their confidence.

Long story short, it was a week full of finalizing all of the details including seating, programming, decor and the 30 minute Cirque show itself, working with the hotel on the banquet orders, and of course coordinating all of the vendors. Despite having an extremely detailed timeline and going over everything multiple times, there will always be minor snags, but ultimately the night was a huge success! All of the guests had a wonderful time, the Cirque show was amazing, and it was unlike anything this organization had ever seen; and my bosses were more than pleased, which never hurts.

Even though the focus of my week was the gala, I have yet to go an entire week without doing anything wedding related. This week we booked a block of hotel rooms at a second hotel for our guests, but that was it! Ryan and I are enjoying the lull in wedding planning, knowing that in just a couple short months things will pick up again and the wedding will be here before we know it, and I am so happy to have Beth handling all the details for us..instead of me!