Living in a different city than where we are getting married has definitely affected the wedding planning experience. Having a fiance whose “weekends” are Tuesdays and Wednesdays (Ryan’s an air traffic controller) makes it nearly impossible to have any wedding appointments together since we don’t have any days off together. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out my bosses were giving me an extra day off over the holiday weekend to celebrate the success of our gala, and that day is a Tuesday!

Almost as soon as they even mentioned it to me I was clearing the day trip up to LA with Ryan, my mom and of course making appointments with Beth! My top priority was to have our tasting with the caterer since we already put down a deposit. There are only two things Ryan said he had to be a part of – the catering and the cake. Of course it would be our luck, that on the first day we have off together since we’ve been engaged (other than our engagement party itself)…the caterer has an event and can’t meet with us! But we are still making the most of our wedding planning day – we have a cake tasting, a visit with our pastor and two trips to rental companies.

I’m so happy to have the day off and be working on the wedding together, and it should be interesting to see how Ryan reacts to everything at the wedding appointments!