Everyone who knows me knows that I hate bright colors. Neutral, neutral, neutral is my mantra – for clothes, furniture, everything. When Ryan and I first moved into our apartment and started thinking about colors, the first thing he said was “Okay, Lys, not everything is going to be green and brown!” So of course as soon as we (my mother, sister and me) started discussing wedding colors and decor, a green/brown/ivory color palette was the natural choice and worked perfectly with the “rustic wedding” ideas bouncing in my head.

You can imagine my absolute horror when Ryan announced that he would like to wear a grey suit to our wedding. Ummm, what? I had already accepted that a tuxedo was out, but a grey suit? That does not fit in with green, brown and ivory or the natural linens or any of the decor! His response: “Alyssa, we’ve been engaged a week, we don’t have decor, nothing has been decided, right?” Oh…so you mean the pictures & plans I have in my head aren’t final? Interesting…I will have to think about that.

Nevertheless, I want my fiance to be as excited and happy as I am, so we came up with a whole new color scheme, together, that I think will be gorgeous, classic and still a little rustic.

On another note, we have entered into Wedding Nightmare #1 – The Guest List. As my best friends were/are navigating the guest list dramas with their own families, I happily thought about how easy it would be for us: my family is miniscule, Ryan’s friends and family are scattered across the country, this will be a piece of cake. No such luck. With a venue that fits only 100, we somehow have to widdle down to 50 guests each.

Well, to anyone who thinks that would be easy, please start listing your friends, their significant others (who on my list will unfortunately need to be cut if not married, live-ins, or friends with Ryan and me), your family and your parents’ friends (did you think this wedding was only about you?) and notice just how quickly you significantly surpass your allotted 50! Fortunately, Ryan and I are both on the same page and determined to keep this wedding relatively intimate.

This week’s planning update:
Guest list – drafted
Color scheme – tentatively decided on