Pretty much everyone who knows me knows that I like to accomplish things in the “now” – why put off for tomorrow what can be done today? Well when planning a wedding, that is a very difficult and anxiety provoking mentality to have. For example, there is a standard RSVP date of one month prior to the wedding, yet I of course want to know now who is coming and who isn’t!! You would think that with a guest list of only 100 we would know for the most part who is coming and who isn’t, which we do, but unfortunately it’s all the people who we already know are coming who turn in their RSVPs first! I’m guessing all brides go through this because by the time your labor of love is only two months away when you send out the invitations, this far-off idea of a day is suddenly not so far off and is more quickly approaching reality and you want to know everyone who will be there to share it with you. It’s a very exciting feeling! Plus you can’t do the seating until you get your RSVPs in.

In terms of planning, our latest completed “task” has been finishing our music “must play” and “do not play” list. I wrangled two of my best friends to work on this aspect of the wedding as neither Ryan nor I nor our families are big on dancing, so I figured some outside input could be beneficial. When they delivered back a list of about 30 or more dance songs and about the same for dinner music, I thought for sure the DJ would kill me, but after researching online, I discovered that it appears to be okay to give an extensive list of “suggestions” to let your DJ know the kind of music you like, as long as you limit the “must play” to about 10 songs, which we did. So hopefully our comprehensive list of suggested dance songs and suggested background dinner music songs doesn’t send him over the edge.

We also filled out and submitted our pre-arrival checklist to our honeymoon hotel, Esperanza. I love filling out forms, so this was a treat! We let them know our flight information, what special occasion we are celebrating, restaurant reservation requests and also our sizes for robes and slippers –
I can’t wait to relax and be pampered!

Overall I am trying not to get too stressed out, but I did have a minor freak out when I found out that once our room block at our hotel is full, that’s it; they don’t have any more rooms to add to our block. Apparently we needed to have had all our family and wedding party book way in advance to fill our current “courtesy (i.e. held with no financial committment) block” and then get a new courtesy block. Alas, we did not, and now it’s closer so people are finally starting to book rooms and we can’t get any more. Fortunately we have two other hotels so there will be enough for everyone who wants to stay overnight, just not necessarily at the same hotel as us, which is obviously fine and no reason to fret.

Just about eight weeks now and I’ll be Mrs. Law!