We are now in the month before the wedding and I couldn’t be more excited. I am so fortunate to have two bridal showers being hosted in my honor and an amazing bachelorette party all lined up for this month!
I received both shower invitations in the mail a couple weeks ago and they are both just lovely. My bridesmaids are hosting a tea shower with invitation designed by none-other-than my sister Laura…and she even used my favorite of her designs in soft blush pink color –
I can’t wait to see what the shower itself will look like!
The second shower is being hosted by one of my bridesmaid’s mom. I have known her family since I was two years old and her mom has been so supportive and excited for my wedding since day one. She has multiple times let me know that it’s like one of her own getting married and I am so thrilled to have her playing such an important role in the occasion. She’s very crafty so I was really excited to see her invitation as well and she most definitely did not disappoint!
{You can’t see it in the picture but the dress has a thin layer of tulle over it for the ultimate effect}
I have such wonderful family and friends and I can’t wait to start celebrating with them!