Sigh, Stephanie and Scott’s timeless Santa Barbara Wedding weekend was one of our all time favorites. Inspired by the olive trees lining the gardens of the villa, we created exaggerated tablescapes surrounded by candlelight and organic touches where guests enjoyed a 7 course tasting menu. Cocktail hour included fun touches like an olive oil tasting and a fromager teaching guests everything they could ever want to know and more about cheese and charcuterie and the couple danced their first dance surrounded by gold sparklers. The images from Tec Petaja show many of our favorite details below.006793-R1-013 006804-R1-016 006805-R1-008 006805-R1-013 006806-R1-001 006806-R1-005 006807-R1-001 006807-R1-002 006807-R1-003 006807-R1-013 006808-R1-003 006811-R1-016 006818-R1-004 006818-R1-013 006819-R1-002 006820-R1-006 006821-R1-009 006824-R1-011 006825-R1-010 006828-R1-011 006829-R1-003 006830-R1-006 006831-R1-005 006831-R1-015 006831-R1-016 006832-R1-008 006832-R1-016 006833-R1-002 27920016 27930031