So, it might surprise you but I’m not much of a softy. I mean, I love, love and love weddings for a million reasons, but I’ve never been one to get overly emotional and I’m sad to admit, that most people would not accuse me of being overly romantic. But that was before the inspiration better known as Surya and Nick entered my life. This couple was too much  (in a very, very good way). They were kind, creative and in love in a way that most people can only dream about. They are the type of people that converse and really, truly listen as if you are saying the most important thing in the world at that very moment. They are the type of people that embrace every moment of their lives rather than getting bogged down in the minutea of the day to day. And, ultimately, they are the type of people, I aspire to be.
Their day was perfect. I laughed, cheered and got teary eyed when the bride serenaded her groom with an ukulele while bridesmaids sung backup in heart shaped sunglasses. I controlled what could have turned into obnoxious sobbing, when the maid of honor performed a song she composed especially for the day (You can listen for yourself here…). And, I refrained from eating until I couldn’t move when the homestyle BBQ was served. I didn’t, however,  hold back from basking in all of the prettiness we created from the old tables to mason jar chandeliers to custom runners and every little detail that was thought about a million times over. And, I wasn’t even a guest. I was only lucky enough to know Surya and Nick for about a year and they still struck something in me. I can only imagine what their family and friends who have been by their side for years and years must have been going through. To say I was lucky to be a part of their day was an understatement. To say it was a profound experience would be closer to accurate though still not exactly the right words. So, I’ll just steal a line from their photographer, Jonas Peterson, and say “you had to be there…” Because there is truly no way to ever do the day or this wonderful couple justice with mere words.
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