We snagged these five wines that get your guests boozed up all while spreading the love from The Good Beginning today. As you start picking the wines for your wedding or even that random Monday night, do the world a favor and consider giving one of these a go.


Image from The Glitter Guide
One Hope Wine is not only impacting the world in more ways than you can digest (See graphic or click here) but is encouraging a model challenging Fortune 500 companies to give 1% back to charity in hopes to show what a relatively small amount of money can do to change the world.

Sozo bottles

From sending kids to camp, providing prenatal vitamins to mothers in need and supporting wounded soldiers, together with their partners, Sozo Wines makes an impact all over the world. Read all about their mission here.



With Cultivate Wines, 10% of all wine profits support The Leader in Me Program a program that includes professional development, student leadership guides, lessons plans, video lessons, interactive games in hopes to create a more interactive and accountable education process.

Charity: Water x Club W Red Blend


For every bottle of Club W’s Red Blend, $5 will be donated to Charity: Water, an organization whose mission is to provide safe, clean drinking water to each and every person on the Earth. Right now, 748 million people in developing countries go without this basic necessity on a daily basis.



As they say,”O” is for “Opportunity”. Every bottle of O Wine funds scholarships to send low-income, capable women to college. Since 2008, they’ve given $300,000 worth of funds being distributed to 53 women.

Now that you know which wines to get, figure out how much you need with handy little calculator.